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Pro RTG is a modern non-state healthcare facility that offers comprehensive diagnostic services in the field of radiology: computed tomography, X-ray and ultrasound examinations. An experienced medical team with years of experience in the field uses the highest-quality equipment.

  • The examinations are fully covered by all health insurance companies.
  • It is also possible to examine self-payers based on the standard procedure and prices according to the price list.
  • The equipment guarantees innovative methods and clinical applications to provide the most accurate diagnostic imaging for patients and doctors.

CT scanner examination

The centre uses the latest CT model: CT PHILIPS MX 16 EVO. It reduces the radiation dose for patients during the examination using the automatic programme DoseRight ACS. 16 arrays of detectors make CT scans significantly faster.

Head CT

  • Brain parenchyma
  • Sinuses
  • Orbits
  • Middle ear area
  • Structure and pathomorphological changes of bones

Neck CT

  • Pathomorphological changes in the neck area

Chest CT

  • Pathomorphological changes in the lung parenchyma and mediastinum

Abdomen and Small Pelvis CT

  • Pathomorphological changes in parenchymal organs in the abdominal cavity and in the small pelvis
  • Assessment of the bladder
  • Assessment of vascular structures
  • Assessment of the lymphatic system

Spine CT

  • Assessment of vertebral bone structures
  • Pathomorphological changes in individual intervertebral discs in various locations of the entire spine

CT of Soft Parts

  • Pathomorphological changes in muscle structures
  • Technology of the scanner with the EVOEYE function removes undesirable image noise for patients with higher weight.
  • Undesirable objects can be eliminated using the MAR programme for patients with metal material in their skeleton or the soft parts.
  • The assessment of stenosis of the vascular system in patients with vascular diseases will be more effective using the AVA Stenosis function.

Ultrasound – Sonography – Ultrasonography

USG examinations are performed using Philips CLEAR VUE 550 and Philips CLEAR VUE 650 ultrasound machines. The ultrasound machines are suitable for all types of ultrasound examinations and they can be upgraded to 3D. In combination with multi-frequency linear and radial probes, the machines perform all computing functions, such as distance, area, volume, angle and speed of blood flow in the vessels in a Doppler study. It is an excellent diagnostic tool.

Neck USG

  • Pathomorphological changes in the thyroid gland
  • Pathomorphological changes in lymphoid tissue
  • Pathomorphological changes in the soft parts of the neck

Chest USG

  • Assessment of pleural effusion with the possibility of its puncture

Breast USG

  • Abdomen and Small Pelvis USG
  • Assessment of pathomorphological changes in organs of the abdominal cavity and the small pelvis
  • Proof of fluid collection in the abdominal cavity and in the small pelvis
    Size and post-void residue of the bladder

USG of the Soft Parts

  • Assessment of pathomorphological changes in muscle structures and tendon entheses

Doppler USG

  • Doppler examination of blood vessels in the neck
  • Doppler examination of arms and legs
  • Doppler examination of abdominal blood vessels


The Pro RTG centre uses innovative X-ray machine SIEMENS MULTIX Compact K. The machine provides all routine examinations of patients lying on the table, sitting or standing. It is suitable for a wide range of examinations from skiagraphic examination of the skull, chest, abdomen, spine and pelvis to the limb bones. MULTIX Compact K provides high image quality at the lowest possible X-ray dose for the patient. The machine has special system settings for paediatric examinations of child patients.

The skiagraphic centre performs the following examinations:


  • Skull
  • Spine
  • Ribs
  • Bones of arms and legs
  • Pelvis

Our Team

The centre equipped with advanced technology provides comprehensive healthcare in the field of radiodiagnostics. Many years of experience are reflected every day in the professional attitude of all medical staff. Examinations and the entire process from admitting a patient to a diagnosis is ensured by a team headed by MUDr. Roman Parimucha.

Opening Hours

Regular opening hours
DayOpening HoursAdministration and sanita
Monday:7.00 – 13.1013.10 – 13.30
Tuesday:7.00 – 13.1013.10 – 13.30
Wednesday:7.00 – 13.1013.10 – 13.30
Thursday:7.00 – 16.3016.30 – 17.00
Friday:7.00 – 13.1013.10 – 13.30
Opening hours during vacation (July - August)
DayOpening HoursAdministration and sanita
Monday:7.00 – 13.1013.10 – 13.30
Tuesday:7.00 – 13.1013.10 – 13.30
Wednesday:7.00 – 13.1013.10 – 13.30
Thursday:7.00 – 14.1014.10 – 14.30
Friday:7.00 – 13.1013.10 – 13.30

Examination requests

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